Outdoor Life-size Casting Bronze Greyhound Statue Garden Decor for Sale BOK1-037

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Item No: BOK1-037
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Advantage 1: 100% Natural High-Grade Material
Advantage 2: Competitive Price (Our Own Factory)
Advantage 3: High Quality and Very Detailed Workmanship

Product introduction

Bronze Greyhound Statue Details:

This life-size bronze greyhound statue is one of the most popular bronze animal statues in the YouFine factory. It is made of high-quality bronze and cast by a group of casting masters. Different from other dog statues, the greyhound statue has slim limbs, a small head, and a strong body which makes the greyhound run faster. All the details of greyhounds have been expressed on this bronze greyhound statue and it must be a wonderful garden decoration.


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Make a 1:1 Clay Model:

In order to cast a bronze greyhound statue with a lifelike facial expression and perfectly cast every tiny detail, professional modeling masters would make a 1:1 clay model at first. Sine the tiny details of a clay model are one of the decisive factors of the effect of the final artwork, the clay model must be finished by modeling masters with rich experience and advanced techniques. The YouFine factory invites top-level modeling masters in charge of the making of clay models in order to have a better effect at last.


bronze greyhound statue, manufacturer



Who Is the YouFine Factory?

The YouFine factory is one of the top-level sculpture suppliers in China. We have engaged in sculpture manufacture for more than 40 years and are experienced in all sorts of sculpture manufacture. There is a professional team in charge of different parts of sculpture manufacture and export. Masters with superb techniques and rich experience would cast every statue and specialized quality control department would supervise the quality and the effect of every statue. Everyone works hard together and makes effects to provide sculptures with high quality and exquisite design to customers from all over the world.


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Find Out More Purchase Options:

The YouFine factory is an expert in all sorts of statue manufacture and customers could find out a large number of well-designed bronze sculptures here. No matter where would you place the statues, what size you need to customize and how much budget you have, you could always find out some satisfying design in the YouFine factory. Please look through the websites of YouFine, and explore the world of art sculpture.


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If you would like to know more details about this casting bronze greyhound statue or want to gain more purchase suggestions, please contact us. Professional consultants would help you find out some satisfying statues.


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