Outdoor Large Bronze Broken Statue Face Lawn Decor Wholesale BOK1-079

Item No: BOK1-079
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Service: Customize Acceptably
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
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Product introduction

Broken Statue Face Details:

It is a fantastic design of imperfect art. The broken face has a peaceful facial expression and the statue could place somewhere alone. The face is a symbol of ourselves. Every day, thousands of people struggle with the trouble in their daily life and they are imperfect and are broken by the setbacks in life. However, people still go on their lives, even if things are not so perfect.


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Professional Team to Design:

There is a professional design team in charge of creating amazing designs for customers to choose from. Only excellent designs have been created could our professionals make full use of their superb casting skills. All of our designers have rich experience in sculpture designs and created many impressive sculpture designs for the YouFine factory. And sculptures designed by them are popular and gain much recognition and praise from customers from all over the world.


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Advantages of YouFine factory:

The YouFine factory is one of the top-level sculpture suppliers in China and has kept long-term cooperation with customers from all over the world. YouFine has a large team including designers, modeling masters, casting masters and etc. All of the master in the YouFine factory has rich experience in bronze casting and professional techniques. Besides, there is a quality control team in charge of checking the quality of every product in order to make sure customers could buy perfect statues in the YouFine factory.


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Find Out More Exquisite Sculpture:

If you need some sculpture to decorate your private area, the YouFine factory must always be the best choice for you. More than 35 years of experience helped YouFine accumulate many wonderful sculpture designs which include bronze figure statues, bronze religious statues, bronze animal statues and etc. No matter what statues you need you could always find out a satisfying answer in the YouFine factory.


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If you are interested in the sculptures of YouFine, please contact our professional consultants. They would be glad to introduce more details of our sculptures to you and give you some purchase suggestions according to the budgets and requirements.


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