Modern Bronze Extra Moenia Sculpture by Matteo Pugliese for Sale BOK1-040

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Item No: BOK1-040
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
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Superiority 3: 30 Years Quality Guarantee
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Product introduction

Extra Moenia Sculpture Overview:

Different people hold different attitudes toward the definition of freedom but this bronze Extra Moenia sculpture created by Matteo Pugliese has given a perfect explanation about freedom. It is an adult who is struggling with the wall and trying to escape from it. The wall is equal to life which traps many of us and people always try to get rid of the trap of it. The main purpose of this sculpture is to express the rebellious spirit yearning for freedom.


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Make 1:1 Clay Model:

In the process of bronze sculpture casting, it is vital to make a lifelike clay model because the final effect has a close connection with the clay model. In the YouFine factory, all of our clay models must be finished by professional craftsmen in order to make sure the final effect of bronze sculptures would be as well as expected. YouFine’s craftsmen carefully make a 1:1 clay model for every sculpture and every detail would be well-design.


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Perfect Details:

The portrayal of each muscle and bone is very lifelike. YouFine’s craftsmen are excellent bronze casting masters with many years of sculpture manufacture experience and superb techniques. They have started to learn casting techniques with top-level casting masters at a young age and have practiced the skills for more than 20 years. Sculptors would make full use of their superb skills and rich experience to cast this Extra Moenia sculpture and make a perfect sculpture with fine details.


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Advantages of YouFine Factory:

1. The YouFine factory has many years of sculpture manufacture and export experience and is a reliable sculpture supplier for our customers.

2. The sculptures have been sold to many regions around the world and have gained recognition and praise by a large many of customers. And some of them choose to keep long-term cooperation with YouFine.

3. Professional craftsmen who have engaged in bronze sculpture manufacture for many years treat every sculpture carefully and cast every detail perfectly.

4. There is a complete supply chain built by the YouFine factory, the quality, and supply of sculptures are reliable. And the YouFine factory assures customers could purchase sculptures at a reasonable and affordable price.


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If this Extra Moenia sculpture impresses you, please contact us and know more details about it. Experienced consultants would give you professional purchase suggestions in accordance with the requirements and budgets.


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