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Moose Statues: Bronze Moose Sculptures and Figurines

Looking for a Life Size Moose Statue for Sale? Here are Some Moose Facts … Ever noticed the antlers of a moose? They are so large and heavy that their antlers alone are said to measure about 6 ft from one end to the other and weigh about 60 lbs.

Deer Statues, Moose, Antlered Mammals Sculptures for Sale

This gallery has life-size Deer, Moose, Caribou, Buffalo, … Products > Animals > Deer, Moose, Antlered Mammals … This gallery showcases statues of the more …

Life Size Wildlife bronze statues

Life Size Wildlife Art … FR Bronze has the largest selection of life size bronze statues, from Eagles to … White-Tailed Deer: Life Size Elk: Moose: Caribou:

Moose Statue – LM Treasures – Life Size Statues

LM Treasures provides life size statues, prop rentals, movie props, large oversized statues, animal statues, restaurant decor, and so much more! Buy or Rent one of our fantastic Statues.

The Top 40 Biggest Moose Ever Taken | Outdoor Life

With the help of the Boone & Crockett Club, we count down the top 40 moose ever taken. See photos of the massive bulls here.

Deer Statues: Bronze Deer Sculptures, Deer Figurines

The more cars are placed on the road, the more the chances of killing the key deer. Our deer statues and deer sculptures include large to life size bronze deer sculptures for a ranch or park or a farm. We also include small deer statues and sculptures for adding an accent to the garden or for adorning the joy of Christmas.

Canadian Moose Life-Size Taxidermy Mount For Sale

This moose has a breathtaking set of sprawling antlers, with an outside spread of 56 5/8", and palm widths over 15 6/8". These measurements land this moose on the Boone & Crocket All-Time Record list, with a score of 201 5/8", and achieve a SCI Gold Medal Score of 488 6/8".

Moose Statue | eBay

large moose statue. made of cold resin with handpainted for its detail color. approximate size : 11"w x 26"l x 21"h. moose head wall mount statue (#331163836392).

Forest Animals , Life size fiberglass statues

Forest Animals – Animals People Statues Stool and Chairs … Life Size Red Deer Statue Made of … this handsome lifesize polar bear is the world's largest …

Moose – Wikipedia

On average, an adult moose stands 1.4–2.1 m (4.6–6.9 ft) high at the shoulder, which is more than a foot higher than the next largest deer on average, the elk. Males (or "bulls") normally weigh from 380 to 700 kg (838 to 1,543 lb) and females (or "cows") typically weigh 200 to 490 kg (441 to 1,080 lb), depending on racial or clinal as well as individual age or nutritional variations.

You Will See Four Kinds Of Deer Statue,Including Bronze Stag Statue,Bronze Elk Statue,Bronze Deer Statue,And Bronze Moose Statue.

If You Have Your Own Designs,Is Also Welcoming.We Have Our Own Foundry And Professional Masters To Help To Finish Them.

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Bronze elk statue for sale

outdoor bronze elk statue for sale

Outdoor moose statue for sale

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Outdoor bronze stag statue for sale

outdoor bronze stag statue for sale

Outdoor deer Statue for sale

Bronze Stag Statue for sale

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