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bronze mermaid statue

Item No: BOKK-977
Size: 1.5meter or Customized Size
Material:Bronze or Customized
Insurance: Cover all the risk
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Advantage 1: High-Grade Material
Advantage 2: Competitive Price (Our Own Factory)
Advantage 3: High Quality and Very Detailed Workmanship

Product introduction

About Bronze Mermaid Statue:

The bronze mermaid statue is 1.5 meters tall and has an elegant posture. From a distance, this mermaid with a human body and a fishtail sits on a huge rock, quiet and elegant, leisurely and content. If you look closer, the mermaid is a sad girl. It sits alone on a huge granite rock by the sea, looking at the sea with a thoughtful expression, as if waiting for the return of her prince.


Beautiful Patina Mermaid Bronze Girl Statue

Reasons to Choose YouFine:

A: the YouFine factory is a reliable statue manufacturer that has many years of statue manufacture and export experience.

B: YouFine’s statues have been sold to many countries of the world and always gain positive feedback and praise from customers.

C: experienced craftsmen are in charge of different procedures of statue casting respectively. No matter making clay model, applying lost wax method, polishing, and packing, every step would be treated carefully.

D: apply professional wooden crate and soft foam to package and buy full insurance for every statue.

E: provide detailed installation guidance with both text and videos.


bronze mermaid statue for sale,


Coloring Technique:

This bronze mermaid statue uses the chemical coloring method. It uses heating as a catalyst to promote the chemical reaction between the chemical potion and the bronze surface. And naturally, produce various colors to achieve the effect of decorating the bronze surface. The bronze chemical coloring method is different from physical spray coloring. The color would be realistic and looks as if it comes out from the inside of the sculpture.


Life Size Mermaid Bronze Statue,


Bronze Mermaid Statue Placement:

The original statue of this bronze mermaid statue has been placed in a park in Copenhagen, Denmark, the home of the mermaid. This, it is a good choice to place this mermaid statue at parks. Place this statue at the bank of the river, many children who know the story of the mermaid would be attracted by the statue. As is known to all, the mermaid is the daughter of the sea. Thus, this mermaid should be placed near the water. Places like seasides, beaches, water pools, water fountains are ideal places to place this statue.


Beautiful Patina Mermaid Bronze Girl Statue


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